PD = Public Domain    O = Originally written    B = Ballad

U = Uptune    S = Swing    N = Novelty


Alice Blue Gown, PD, B
Any Time, PD, S
Baby Face, I Never Knew I Could Love Anybody Medley, PD. U
Boys Medley, The, U,
Archie/Harry/Johnny, all PD
Broadway medley: All aboard for Broadway, My Hometown, Give My Regards to Broadway, PD, U
Broken Hearted-(Here Am I), PD, B, $75
Brother, Can You Spare a Dime?, B
Call Me Back, Pal O’ Mine, B, PD
Chicago (that toddling’ town), I Wanna Dance Medley, PD, O, U
Chicago (that toddling town), Charleston Medley, PD, U
Dixie (Are you from),Swanee medley, U, PD
Don’t Bring Lulu, PD, U
Faded Old Love Letters, PD, B
Hard Hearted Hannah, U, $65
Hear That Swanee River Cry, B, O
I Cried For You, B, PD
If I Had My Way, PD , B
If I Had You/Cuddle Up a Little Closer Medley, PD, S/B
If I Knock the ‘L’ Out of Kelly, PD, S
I Love to Hear That Old Barbershop Style, O, S, (2 versions), PD, $75
I’m Always Chasing Rainbows, PD, B
I’m Waiting for the Train That’s Bound for Dixie, O, U
It’s Over, O, B
I Want to Do the Old Soft Shoe, O, S
I Wish I Had My Old Pal Back Again, PD, B, $75
Jazz me Blues/Jazzin’ in New Orleans, PD, U, $75
Last Night Was the End of The World, B, PD
Let Me Call You Sweetheart, S/B, PD
Mamma’s Gone, I Used to Love You medley, U, $65
My Buddy, PD, B, $75
My Cutey’s Due at Two to Two, PD, U, $65
My Melancholy Baby, B, PD
Nobody Does It Like Me, U
Sandbox of Dreams , B, O
Second Hand Rose, PD, U
Shine On Harvest Moon, U, PD
Speakeasy, U, O
Smokey Joe’s Café, O, U
Sweet Georgia Brown, U
That’s How You Jazz, The Jam, medley, PD, U, $65
That Summer When We Were Young, O, B, $65                     
There’ll Be Some Changes/Runnin’ Wild Medley, PD, U $75
They Go Wild, Simply Wild Over Me/Running Wild medley, U, PD, $75
Waiting for the Robert E Lee/Alabama Jubilee medley, PD , U
When It’s Night time in Italy, PD, U
Where did Robinson Crusoe Go with Friday on Sat. Night?, PD, U
With Plenty of Money & You/We’re in the Money Medley,U, $75

Wizard of Oz medley:

Follow the Yellow Brick Road, We’re Off to see the Wizard, If I only Had a Brain, Optimistic Voices,  U, $65
Yes, We Have No Bananas, PD, U
You Are My Lucky Star, You Were Meant for me medley, S, U, $75



A Barbershop Hello, O, U, (short), $30
Almost Like being In Love, U
Amazing Grace, PD, S/B
And the Angels Sing, U, (40‘s scat)
A Perfect Day, (hymn) PD, S              
Apple Blossom Time, Don’t sit under the Apple Tree medley, U
Auld Lang Syne, PD, S
Bewitched Bothered and Bewildered, B
Big Spender, U, $65
Blow, Gabriel, Blow, U , solos for all
Blue Moon, S, modern harmony
Bring On The Pepper, PD, U
Can’t Have any Fun Without You, O, U
Christmas in New Orleans, S
Christmas Needs Love to be Christmas, S
Come Rain or Come Shine, S/B
Cry Me a River, S, Bari solo
Don’t’ Blame Me, S, (short) $30
Dream a Little dream of Me, S
Endless Love, S, (male/female duet)

Fifties Medley:

Rock Around The Clock, Who Put The Bop, Yakety-Yak, R & R Is Here To Stay, Greased Lightning, U
Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas, S
House of Blue Lights, U, be-bop scat, bass solo in part
I Believe in Music, U (adult version)
I Love a Banjo, O, U
I Was a Fool to let you Go, S (solo)
If I Only Had A Brain, U
It Had To Be You, PD, S
I’ll See You in My Dreams, (closer), PD, S/B
I’m Confessin’ That I Love You, S, (lead solo)
I’ve Got a Crush on You, S
Jazzman’s Serenade, O, S
La Bamba, U (50’s, in Spanish)
Let The Rest of the World Go By, PD, S, N (2 sets of lyrics)
Long Ago Lady, O, S (for the love of Vermont)
Love is in the Air, U (with overlay) $65
Man I Love, The, PD, B
Marion’s Girls, We’re, O, U
Maybe This Time, “Cabaret” for lead & bass soloists, B
Mean to Me, B
Mean to You, B, (parody of “Mean To Me”)
Metro Rhythm opener, U, O
Miss Celie’s Blues, S
My Guy, U,( 50’s), $65
Naturally, S (4 part chorus + soloist)
New York, New York, (a wonderful town), U
New York, New York, (start spreadin’ the news), U
New York State of Mind, S, (lead solo)
9 To 5, U
Once in a While, S
On My Own, B, (“Les Miserables”)
Opener for a Chorus, O, U, can be personalized
Opener for a Quartet, O, U, can be personalized
Opus One, S, (with overlay) $65
Orange Colored Sky, U
Pan Am commercial, O, U, $25
P. S. I Love You, S
Razzle Dazzle, (Adult Version), U
Region 15 Director’s song, O, U, (can be changed to your region #)
Reunite (commercial), short, O, S,  $30
Rock & Roll Medley:

Rock & Roll Music, At The Hop, Little Darlin’, In the Still Of The Night, U
Rhode Island is Famous for You, S (can be changed to your state)
Rolling along on Long Island, O, U
Rose, The, S/ B, bari solo, quartet version  $65
Rose, The,S/ B, four part with soloist, Chorus version , $65
Sara Lee (tv jingle),  short, O, S, $30
Scarborough Fair Canticle, S, PD, solos for all, rangy
Scotch & Soda, O, S, (lead solo)
Shaddap You Face, U, N, (with dialog)
Shoop-shoop song The, U, $65
Silver Sorority Song, B (to welcome the champions Reg. 19 exclusive)
Singin’ in the Rain, S
Statue of Liberty, O, S/B
Step to the Rear, U
Take Me Out to the Ball Game, PD, S
That’s How You Jazz Medley, PD (non-contest verson), U
That’s Our Renee, O, S, (Can be personalized)
There I’ve said it Again, S, (4 part chorus + soloist)
Together, Wherever we go, U, some bass solo
To Keep My Love Alive, U, N
Twilight Tone, U, N, alien harmony
Volare, U, (some Italian lyrics)
Warm-ups, S, N, O, (pokes fun at vocal exercises)
Way Down Yonder in New Orleans, PD, U
We Go Together, U, (Adult Version), $65
We Wish You a Merry Christmas, PD, (short) S $25
Won’t You Charleston with Me, Charleston medley, U
Wrap your Troubles in Dreams, U, $65
You Don’t Own Me, S
You Make Me Feel So Young, S



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