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What and why  Jos List

Public domain, original songs, and arrangements not controlled by Hal Leonard or Alfred Music.  Arrangements composed before 1923 (1922 or older) are in Public Domain. These songs, as well as originally composed songs (by a female or male barbershop composer/arranger) are legal, as well as songs from other publishers, who have given permission to arrange and distribute to Sweet Adeline singers. I can provide these songs.  Please contact me at or for a 30 day preview copy. 


PD = Public Domain    O = Originally written    B = Ballad

U = Uptune    S = Swing    N = Novelty


Alice Blue Gown, PD, B
Any Time, PD, S
Baby Face, I Never Knew I Could Love Anybody Medley, PD. U
Boys Medley, The, U,
Archie/Harry/Johnny, all PD
Broadway medley: All aboard for Broadway, My Hometown, Give My Regards to Broadway, PD, U
Broken Hearted-(Here Am I), PD, B, $75
Brother, Can You Spare a Dime?, B
Call Me Back, Pal O’ Mine, B, PD
Chicago (that toddling’ town), I Wanna Dance Medley, PD, O, U
Chicago (that toddling town), Charleston Medley, PD, U
Dixie (Are you from),Swanee medley, U, PD
Don’t Bring Lulu, PD, U
Faded Old Love Letters, PD, B
Hard Hearted Hannah, U, $65
Hear That Swanee River Cry, B, O
I Cried For You, B, PD
If I Had My Way, PD , B
If I Had You/Cuddle Up a Little Closer Medley, PD, S/B
If I Knock the ‘L’ Out of Kelly, PD, S
I Love to Hear That Old Barbershop Style, O, S, (2 versions), PD, $75
I’m Always Chasing Rainbows, PD, B
I’m Waiting for the Train That’s Bound for Dixie, O, U
It’s Over, O, B
I Want to Do the Old Soft Shoe, O, S
I Wish I Had My Old Pal Back Again, PD, B, $75
Jazz me Blues/Jazzin’ in New Orleans, PD, U, $75
Last Night Was the End of The World, B, PD
Let Me Call You Sweetheart, S/B, PD
Mamma’s Gone, I Used to Love You medley, U, $65
My Buddy, PD, B, $75
My Cutey’s Due at Two to Two, PD, U, $65
My Melancholy Baby, B, PD
Nobody Does It Like Me, U
Sandbox of Dreams , B, O
Second Hand Rose, PD, U
Shine On Harvest Moon, U, PD
Speakeasy, U, O
Smokey Joe’s Café, O, U
Sweet Georgia Brown, U
That’s How You Jazz, The Jam, medley, PD, U, $65
That Summer When We Were Young, O, B, $65                     
There’ll Be Some Changes/Runnin’ Wild Medley, PD, U $75
They Go Wild, Simply Wild Over Me/Running Wild medley, U, PD, $75
Waiting for the Robert E Lee/Alabama Jubilee medley, PD , U
When It’s Night time in Italy, PD, U
Where did Robinson Crusoe Go with Friday on Sat. Night?, PD, U
With Plenty of Money & You/We’re in the Money Medley,U, $75

Wizard of Oz medley:

Follow the Yellow Brick Road, We’re Off to see the Wizard, If I only Had a Brain, Optimistic Voices,  U, $65
Yes, We Have No Bananas, PD, U
You Are My Lucky Star, You Were Meant for me medley, S, U, $75



A Barbershop Hello, O, U, (short), $30
Almost Like being In Love, U
Amazing Grace, PD, S/B
And the Angels Sing, U, (40‘s scat)
A Perfect Day, (hymn) PD, S              
Apple Blossom Time, Don’t sit under the Apple Tree medley, U
Auld Lang Syne, PD, S
Bewitched Bothered and Bewildered, B
Big Spender, U, $65
Blow, Gabriel, Blow, U , solos for all
Blue Moon, S, modern harmony
Bring On The Pepper, PD, U
Can’t Have any Fun Without You, O, U
Christmas in New Orleans, S
Christmas Needs Love to be Christmas, S
Come Rain or Come Shine, S/B
Cry Me a River, S, Bari solo
Don’t’ Blame Me, S, (short) $30
Dream a Little dream of Me, S
Endless Love, S, (male/female duet)

Fifties Medley:

Rock Around The Clock, Who Put The Bop, Yakety-Yak, R & R Is Here To Stay, Greased Lightning, U
Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas, S
House of Blue Lights, U, be-bop scat, bass solo in part
I Believe in Music, U (adult version)
I Love a Banjo, O, U
I Was a Fool to let you Go, S (solo)
If I Only Had A Brain, U
It Had To Be You, PD, S
I’ll See You in My Dreams, (closer), PD, S/B
I’m Confessin’ That I Love You, S, (lead solo)
I’ve Got a Crush on You, S
Jazzman’s Serenade, O, S
La Bamba, U (50’s, in Spanish)
Let The Rest of the World Go By, PD, S, N (2 sets of lyrics)
Long Ago Lady, O, S (for the love of Vermont)
Love is in the Air, U (with overlay) $65
Man I Love, The, PD, B
Marion’s Girls, We’re, O, U
Maybe This Time, “Cabaret” for lead & bass soloists, B
Mean to Me, B
Mean to You, B, (parody of “Mean To Me”)
Metro Rhythm opener, U, O
Miss Celie’s Blues, S
My Guy, U,( 50’s), $65
Naturally, S (4 part chorus + soloist)
New York, New York, (a wonderful town), U
New York, New York, (start spreadin’ the news), U
New York State of Mind, S, (lead solo)
9 To 5, U
Once in a While, S
On My Own, B, (“Les Miserables”)
Opener for a Chorus, O, U, can be personalized
Opener for a Quartet, O, U, can be personalized
Opus One, S, (with overlay) $65
Orange Colored Sky, U
Pan Am commercial, O, U, $25
P. S. I Love You, S
Razzle Dazzle, (Adult Version), U
Region 15 Director’s song, O, U, (can be changed to your region #)
Reunite (commercial), short, O, S,  $30
Rock & Roll Medley:

Rock & Roll Music, At The Hop, Little Darlin’, In the Still Of The Night, U
Rhode Island is Famous for You, S (can be changed to your state)
Rolling along on Long Island, O, U
Rose, The, S/ B, bari solo, quartet version  $65
Rose, The,S/ B, four part with soloist, Chorus version , $65
Sara Lee (tv jingle),  short, O, S, $30
Scarborough Fair Canticle, S, PD, solos for all, rangy
Scotch & Soda, O, S, (lead solo)
Shaddap You Face, U, N, (with dialog)
Shoop-shoop song The, U, $65
Silver Sorority Song, B (to welcome the champions Reg. 19 exclusive)
Singin’ in the Rain, S
Statue of Liberty, O, S/B
Step to the Rear, U
Take Me Out to the Ball Game, PD, S
That’s How You Jazz Medley, PD (non-contest verson), U
That’s Our Renee, O, S, (Can be personalized)
There I’ve said it Again, S, (4 part chorus + soloist)
Together, Wherever we go, U, some bass solo
To Keep My Love Alive, U, N
Twilight Tone, U, N, alien harmony
Volare, U, (some Italian lyrics)
Warm-ups, S, N, O, (pokes fun at vocal exercises)
Way Down Yonder in New Orleans, PD, U
We Go Together, U, (Adult Version), $65
We Wish You a Merry Christmas, PD, (short) S $25
Won’t You Charleston with Me, Charleston medley, U
Wrap your Troubles in Dreams, U, $65
You Don’t Own Me, S
You Make Me Feel So Young, S


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