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List is arranged by song title and includes, what is available and the key it is in.

After You’ve Gone    Intro & Tag    F
Ain’t He Sweet    Intro & Tag    A flat
Ain’t Misbehavin’    Intro & Tag    A
All That Jazz    Tag    B flat
Ain’t We Got Fun    Tag    A flat
Alexanders Rag Time Band    Tag    B flat
All By Myself    Intro & Tag    G
All That Jazz    Tag    B flat
Angry/Bill Bailey Medley    Intro & Tag    F/G flat
Any Man Of Mine    Tag    A
Are You From Dixie    Tag     G

Baby Face    Intro & Tag    G / A flat
Baby, I'm Sayin' Goodbye    Intro & Tag    A flat
Baby Mine    Intro    C
Back In Business Again     Tag    A
Bandstand in Central Park, The    Intro & Tag    A flat
Banjo's Back In Town    Intro    F
Before The Parade Passes By    Intro & Tag    A flat/ B sharp
Bewitched Bothered and Bewildered    Verse    A flat
Broadway Baby/Star    Intro & Tag    F / G flat
Broadway Medley    Tag    D
Broken Dreams    Tag    B flat
Brother Love’s Salvation Travelin Show    Tag    E flat
Bye, Bye Blackbird    Intro & Tag    E flat / E
Bye, Bye Blues     Tag    F
By The Sea Medley    Intro & Tag    F

Cant Help Lovin That Man Of Mine    Tag    A flat
Can’t Help Falling in Love With You    Tag    A
Can’t Recall His Name    Tag    G
Chase The Rain Away    Tag    D
Christmas Holidays    Tag    B flat
Cohen/Broadway Medley    Intro    F
Come And Get It Day    Tag    C
Come Take Your Place In My Heart    Intro/Tag    G
Cry Baby    Tag    F
Crying Myself To Sleep    Tag    E

Darkness on The Delta    Intro    B flat
Dear Little Girl    Tag    A flat
Deed I Do - (2Intros)    Intros    B flat
Dixie Sunshine - (3 intros/2 tags)    Intro & Tag    B flat
Don’t Break The Heart That Loves You    Intro    F
Don’t Sit Under The Apple Tree    Intro    F
Dr. Jazz Medley    Intro & Tag    B flat / B nat

East Of The Sun    Intro & Tag    F
Elvis Medley    Tag    E
Everything's Coming Up Roses    Tag    B flat

Fat Al’s Jazz Emporium    Tag    B flat
Flirty Eyes    Intro & Tag    G / A
Floatin’ Down To Cotton Town     Tag    E flat
Four Sisters    Intro    A flat

Gershwin Medley    Intro & Tag    F
Give My Regards to Broadway    Intro & Tag    F / E flat
Give Me The Simple Life     Tag    C
God Bless America    Tag    E flat
Goodbye My Good Time Friend    Tag    A nat.

Hard Hearted Hannah    Intro & Tag    A
Heart Of A Clown    Tag    A flat
Hey Daddy! - (City Lights)    Intro & Tag    F
How Lucky Can You Get Medley    Intro & Tag    A/B flat
How’s Every Little Thing In Dixie    Intro & Tag    A flat
How Ya Gonna Keep Em' Dn on the Farm    Intro & Tag    F

I’d Like To Be A Baby All Over Again    Intro    C
I Didn’t Want To Fall    Intro    C
I Don’t Care If The Sun Don’t Shine/ Steppin’ Out Medley    Intro    C
I Don’t Know Why I Just Do    Tag    E flat
I Can’t Recall His Name    Tag    G
I Got Rhythm medley    Intro & Tag    E flat / F
If I Had You    Intro & Tag    F
If I Were The Only Girl In The World    Intro & Tag    A flat
If There'd Never Been An Ireland    Intro    C
I’ll Never Say “Never Again” Again    Intro    D flat
I’m Alone Because I Love You    Intro    E flat
I’m Beginning To See The Light    Intro & Tag (key change)    E flat
I'm Making Believe That I Don't Care    Intro & Tag    C
I’m No Account Anymore    Tag    A flat
Imagination    Tag    B
I Never Knew Medley    Intro & Tag    D / E flat
It Gets You Right Here    Intro    F
It Had To Be You    Intro    E flat
It's A Sin to Tell a Lie    Intro    G
It's Too Late Now to Treat Me Right    Tag    E flat
It's A Good Day    Intro &Tag    E flat
I Used To Love You    Insert in medley    E
I’ve Got A Feeling I’m Falling    Intro & Tag    A flat
I’ve Got The World On A String    Intro &Tag    C
I’ve Lost All My Love For You    Intro    A

Jazz Baby    Intro & Tag    F
Jazz Came Up The River    Solo section chorded    F
Jazz Came Up The River    Intro & Tag    F
Jazzin’ in New Orleans    Intro & Tag    F
Jazz Me Blues    Tag    B flat
Jellies Last Jam    Intro    A flat
Jingle Bell Rock    Tag    A flat

Last Night On The Back Porch    Intro & Tag    E flat
Laughing on the Outside    Tag    B flat
Let’S Get Away From It All    Intro    B flat
Listen to that Dixie Band    Intro    F
Look Me Up When You're in Dixie     Intro & Tag    A flat / B flat
Looking At The World Through Rose Colored Glasses    Intro & Tag    B Flat / C
Love/Eyes Medley    Intro     F sharp
Love/ Walked In    Tag     B
Lulu’s Back In Town    Intro & Tag    B flat

Mama's Gone Medley    two Intros    E flat / F
Me & My Baby/Baby Face Medley    Tag    F
Meet Me Midnight    Intro     E flat
Moment I Saw Your Eyes, The    Intro & Tag    F
My Cutey’s Due At Two To Two    Intro    F
My Dear Old Irish Mammy    Intro    F
My Foolish Heart    Intro & Tag     D flat / F
My Honey’s Lovin’ Arms    Intro    E flat
My Mother's Eyes    Tag    A
My Mothers Rocking Chair    Intro    B flat

New Orleans Opener    Intro    C
Nightingale Sang In Berkeley Square, A    Tag    B flat
No No Norman    Intro    C
No one loves you....Mammy    Tag    E flat
Nobody Knows What A Red Hot Mama Can Do    Intro    E flat
Now When The Rain Falls    Tag    E flat

Oh How We Roared In The Twenties    Intro    E flat
Oh Suzannah    Intro & Tag    F
Oh, You Beautiful Doll    Intro & Tag    E
Old Songs Are Just Like Old Friends    Intro & Tag    E flat
On A Slow Boat To China    Tag    F
One of Those Songs    Tag    A flat
Only In My Dreams    Tag (2 key changes)    E flat / E sharp
Original One Step Dixieland    Intro    B flat
Over the Rainbow    Verse only    A
Over the Rainbow    Intro & Tag    A

Pal of My Cradle Days    Verse & Tag    A  / B flat
Piano Roll Blues    Intro & Tag    E flat
Please Don’t Talk About Me When I’m Gone    Intro & Tag    B flat
Powder Your Face/Smile Medley    Intro    B flat
Precious Lord    Tag    G flat
Put Your Arms Around Me/Them there Eyes Medley    Intro & Tag    A/ B flat

Rampart St. Parade    Intro & 2Tags    F
Red Hot Mama Medley    Intro & Tag    F / A
Red Rose Rag    Tag    A Flat
Ring Out The Bells In Dixieland    Intro & Tag    A
Rockabye Your Baby With A Dixie Melody    Intro & Tag    G
Running Wild    Tag    A flat

Sentimental Gentleman From Georgia    Intro & Tag    F
Sh-Boom    Tag    A
Sing Me That Song    Tag    B flat
Smile    Tag    F
So Long Dearie    Intro & Tag    D
Someone Like You    Intro & Tag    E flat
Strike Up The Band    Intro & Tag    F
Struttin' Down The Main Street of Dublin City    Intro & Tag    F
Sweet Georgia Brown    Intro & Tag    E flat
Sugar Medley    Intro & Tag    A flat

Take Me to the Land of Jazz    Intro & Tag    E flat
Taking A Chance On Love    Intro    A flat
Teasin' Medley    Intro    C
Ten Feet Off The Ground    Intro & Tag    E flat/ E sharp
That’s Life    Tag    E
That’s My Weakness/Certain Party Medley    Intro    A flat
Them There Eyes    Intro & Tag    G
There I’ve Said It Again    Intro    F
There'll Be some Changes Made    Intro & Tag    F
They Go Wild, Simply Wild Over Me    Tag    E flat
This Could Be The Start Of Something Big    Intro    B flat
This Joint is Jumping    Tag    F
This Land Is Your Land    Intro    E flat
Tootsie    Tag    A
Tomorrow    Intro    F
Two Tickets To Georgia Medley - (2 versions)    Tags    G flat

Waiting for the Robert E. Lee    Intro    G
Whatever Happened To The Old Songs    Intro    G
When I Get My Name In Lights    Intro & Tag    B
When I Take My Sugar To Tea    Intro & Tag    A flat
Where The Heck Is Dixie    Intro & Tag (key changes)    E flat / F
Who'll Dry Your Tears    Tag    G flat
Who'll Take My Place     Verse    G
Who's Sorry Now    Intro & Tag    E
World, Here I Am    Intro    A flat
Wrap Your Trouble In Dreams    Intro    G

Ya Gotta Know How To Love’ Em    Intro & Tag    F
You Better Keep Babyin' Baby    Intro & Tag    A flat
You Can’t Go On Forever Breaking My Heart    Tag    F
You Gotta See Mamma Every Night    Intro    A flat
You Made Me Love You    Intro & Tag    G / A flat
You Never Had It So Good    Tag    G
You’re In Style    Intro & Tag    F/G
Your Mamma’s Gonna Slow You Down    Tag    G
You Wanted Someone To Play With    Intro & Tag    A flat

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